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[Contest by @azabacheclaro] We take care of our home


Water is the easiest to be polluted in the environment. It is in liquid form, a soluble place of many chemicals or wastes. But water plays an important role in people’s lives.

Respond to World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day (June 8th) provides an opportunity for each participant to protect the future of the environment. It’s organized through activities promoting, protecting the marine environment – gathering trash at the beach, educational programs, art competitions, film festivals etc,.

Respond to this day @azabacheclaro held a meaningful contest called “We take care of our home”. You can find details here.

Feel myself responsible for keeping the water in my own place. I would like to write my story about what I did to participate in this contest.

Environmental status in my hometown

My hometown is in the countryside in the North, Viet Nam –  the sunken area, so there are many rivers and lakes around. In front of my house was a small river, my father often dropped net to catch fish.


Before the river was very clean with clear water. But gradually, many people have deliberately throwing rubbish indiscriminately into the river. In addition, household wastewater is discharged into the river.

Not only that, people use the river to feed ducks. Duck farming area is very dirty, dirty, smelly odor sting. Waste water in the process of raising ducks, not released, attract many flies for flying.

In our hometowns there is no trash along the road like in big cities. Although the land is large, the fact is that the communes do not have the landfill plots, no public landfill. Moreover, no garbage, no people and no means of transporting garbage, so each household must treat their own waste. And the treatment that is most likely to be applied to that person is thrown away wherever possible. People littered the garbage and resulted in the formation of small rubbish dumps scattered throughout the village.

Be proactive in protecting the water environment from the smallest things

With regard to environmental protection, I am happy with the saying: do not say I will, but always do immediatelly. Why do not we turn environmental protection into a habit, a way of life? Everyone can participate in environmental protection by the simplest of things such as: not using plastic bags, using environmentally friendly vehicles, turning off all unnecessary electrical equipment, recycling all paper products, etc.

Today I am with two daughters and a nephew gathering trash two sides of the river. I hope that when people go through seeing my small actions, they may rethink their littering.

I would also like to take this opportunity to teach my kids a sense of environmental protection. I want them to be closer to nature. It will help children relax after stressful school hours, this is also a way to help children observe, explore and love the natural environment. Having a direct contact with the beautiful nature, the child will understand the regret if the beautiful scene is destroyed and will be more conscious in contributing to protect them.

Join hands to protect the environment, while raising awareness of people in keeping the environment green and clean – beautiful.

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