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[Contest by @fun2learn] My Childhood And Father


How is your father in your eyes ?

For me, Dad is always the best. Although Dad is not a perfect person, Dad always loves us in the best way he can.

My father have gone for 10 years. You know, I didn’t see my dad before he died. At that time I was away from home.

My father lost very suddenly on the way to work because of myocardial infarction.

At times I sobbed, crying out when I think, don’t know when the father is dying, did he hurt? Who did he think about at that time? Nobody next to him.

The last memory I kept in my mind was when my dad was about to go to work.

That day my father was very pretty with a white shirt, a brown pants, neatly dressed and hair. My father is that, always adjust in the eyes of everyone.

I didn’t know that, that was the last time I met him.

Memories of Dad … My 8th birthday

I’m the youngest child and my dad is a great friend.

I still remember the photo was taken on my 8th birthday. It was a Tet holiday, the most important and most sacred day of the year in our country. There was no birthday cake or candle. But just a few cookies and candies make me happy.

My mother went to the market early, buy the necessary items for the birthday. Everyone in the house was excited.

It was in the morning and winter, so it was a bit cold. I was embraced by my father with all his love. I still remember the warmth.

Dad took me to join university entrance exam

And that day of my 18th year. That summer was really hot.

My father was sun burned, but with a smile on his face, his rough hands holding my little hands tightly, saying kind words, giving instructions before the exam.

Only when I walks past the school gate, and disappears behind the trees, he rests peacefully.

I still don’t forget my father’s anxious eyes when standing outside the examination room.

Then, a month later, when I was cooking rice, my father called me out loud.

Sweatily, my daddy grabbed my hand and said ” You passed the entrance university exam.”

Breaking up, melting, father and I cried together, but tears for happiness.

The sun is still golden on the moss tile roof, that day I was in university. The hair of my father is no longer black, the wrinkles on the eyes were deeper.

Over time, those precious memories always remind me that there is someone still here in my heart. I will not stop remembering, will find for myself and my father the memory fragments for the next day. Because Daddy is always there, the most peaceful place I’ve ever been to.

P / S: Send my father in heaven

Dad, at the time when you was still alive, I was just a student, carefree, thoughtless. I have not helped any for you. Now I’m different. I am now a teacher. I find it useful to society, just as what you said.

I have a small family of my own. A good husband, good kids. Although sometimes I meet some difficulties but I will try to overcome and live well so that Dad in the heaven can smile when looking down.

I miss you so much. There are many nights I dream about you, dreamed of your leaving family to a place far away. I tried to call Daddy, called you back to family, but you told you can not, you must go.

I woke up and sobbed , knowing that it was only a dream.

Have fun in heaven, Dad. I love you so much. Perhaps this sentence I never said when you was alive. But perhaps you will feel how much I love you.

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