Lan Tracy

The Sky Is Burning

This time is summer in my city. The temperature in the day is very high, sometimes increased to 40 degrees. The weather is really hot. Unfortunately, my air conditioner failed at this time. Poor me. This morning I get up early, around 5am. I went to jog around my house.

During the exercise, I took a photo of the sunrise with the “sky of fire” appear for a long time.

According to my grandparents, this fiery sky phenomenon often appears in the summer.
If this morning, the phenomenon will appear, that is, the weather will become hot, there may be rain.

This is a bad weather forecast. But if this phenomenon occurs in the evening, the next day the weather will be very good.

Although these are not really beautiful photos , they were taken by me on the phone, I still want to share them with you that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the cloudy sky in the dawn of my city.


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