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#Ulog No7: Small Garden – A Paradise In My Soul


Until now I have always loved having a garden of my own. Every time I look at the vegetables I grew, I have a sense of serenity and lightness. I like to escape the stress and fatigue of work and life.

But it was hard to have my own spacious garden when I had only a little space on the balcony.

So I decided to grow sprouts

Sprout is easy to grow and less time to care. Only a week is harvested. I plant a variety of vegetables so I always have fresh ones to eat.

Very small sprouts are growing up in my little garden. The joy of seeing life grows every day. How wonderful.

I personally find that growing vegetables is very helpful to me. That is the lesson of love

Seedling to the ground, the way we care little life with love every day, they grow up healthy. As a mother loves children. A lack of love will not have a soul and a stable body. Creatures also. Love for all beings is also love for human.

Growing plants from love will find freedom for our souls.

In the garden, I return to nature. Talk to each cell of life, each cell of the universe.

There, I can better understand the value of life, the meaning of life of each creature, is also the meaning of each human life.

Because all things are born of the earth, raised from heaven. Go away, what the earth will return to the earth, what heaven will return to heaven, no one more than anyone.

It is important to understand the meaning of life, learn how to cherish life organisms are also more respectful of human life.

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